Private Charter

Why should you choose Tropic Air Charters? It’s simple. Your time, your money and your stress level. We are a smaller airline providing direct flights. This means not having to make a connection on the way to your destination. That is huge in terms of saving time and leaving you more of it wherever you are going. Plus, keep in mind that if you miss a connection it not only increases your time enroute, but it can also increase the costs of your trip! Overnight or extended layover expenses including extra meals, transportation and hotels can really add up! Flying Tropic Air Charters also means that you need not arrive at the airport several hours before departure to deal with inconvenient and expensive parking and then those super-long TSA lines. Best of all, because we are smaller we are able to provide more personal service to all of our passengers. We strive to ensure all of your concerns are addressed so that you can just sit and enjoy the flight the air since we operate twin engine aircraft.we can fly lower over the scenery so you can enjoy view as it was meant to seen from!